December 21, 2014

Dental Hygienist – Challenging Career Choice

If you are looking for associating your career with dentistry, then you are on the right page. A dental hygienist manages hygiene in dentistry. He/she plays a pivotal role in maintaining required level of hygiene in the clinic, especially during and after the operations. They perform important tasks such as cleaning the teeth before performing its examination, handling tools and others. Further, he/she should be able to maintain hygiene with instruments as well. Thus, as a hygienist, you require performing roles related to the hygiene of patients, instruments and clinic as well.

Office Works:

A dental hygiene has to perform documentation work along with other duties and roles. He/she has to create and maintain records of clients and the procedures carried on them. Thus, a hygienist maintains database records of the clients recording events such as the equipments, procedure and medicines being use for the operation. Further, this information helps dental assistant in billing it into total expense incurred to the patient.


A dentist is usually occupied with important tasks such as carrying out the surgical procedures and so on. He/she may get involved in handling the important tasks such as studying the patients, diagnosing the cause and operating. Amidst everything, it becomes difficult for him/her to pay attention to things such as preparing the instruments, checking if all medicines and injections are in place, sterilization and others. However, here hygienists play a pivotal role. A hygienist is responsible in handling secondary, yet important tasks of operations such as over-viewing client’s oral conditions, cleaning or polishing the teeth and preparing medics. Without hygienist in place, it may become tediously difficult for a dentist to perform.

Handling Instruments:

Radiology plays an important branch of science especially in medics. It helps diagnose patients to suggest treatments. In fact, X-ray photography is an integral part of dentistry without which dentists become handicapped. They rely on radiology for diagnosing the progress of cavity in tooth. Further, it is widely used before performing ‘root canal’ operations to locate the position of root. A dental hygienist saves dentist’s time by assisting him/her during the x-ray photography work. Thus, they save considerable amount of time for a dentist, which could be used in treating other patients.

Preparatory Works:

A dental hygienist prepares prosthetics for the patients. They handle important works such as preparing braces, mixing the fillers and making compositions for tooth replacements. They provide an immense support to dentists during live operations. As they help save important unproductive time of the dentist. If you have interests in preparing compositions, handling medications and assisting dentist during live operations, then you can consider becoming a dental hygienist.


Dental hygienist is a challenging career, as it involves working during live operations. Any mistake on your part is sure to spoil the operation by increasing the time of labor for dentist. Hence, hygienist plays a crucial role in reducing unproductive time of operation by handling important job assets. A hygienist requires having sound knowledge about the procedures involved in the operation to assist dentist performing his/her roles. Thus, the career is open to those, who are ready to face challenges during live dental operations.